My Epiphany of Being a INFJ & Being Able to Relate to Most Characters in Korean Dramas

Zhane Hyun
4 min readMar 21, 2022

My most recent Myers Brigg Personality test in relation to my viewing of dramas.

How I Feel Being Mind Blown. Wow. Photo by Darius Bashar

Is anyone else like me where, every few years, your Myers Brigg Personality would drastically change?

A few days ago, I took my Myers Brigg Personality test and scored a 1–2%, one of the rarest personality types, INFJ.

As I was busy youtubing what INFJ personalities are like, I came across that we are complicated, highly sensitive individuals, deep empaths, and constantly on the quest searching for deeper meanings of life.

All the things I was questioning about myself and my life made sense in a matter of minutes. I am completely mind blown.

But now, how does this all relate to my relentless hours spent watching Korean dramas on Netflix?

Well, no freaking wonder I would get sucked into drama sinkholes and question the existence of my life when the series would end.

This is a photo of a sinkhole. Something I tend to fall into when finding myself immersed into my shows. Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

Once I find myself immersed into the drama, my life would be all unicorns and butterflies. A good series would light up my world like I have never seen before. I would vicariously live through the character, see my life through the lens of the show and self-reflect on aspects of my life where I could relate to the show.

Then when the series would end, I would literally feel like I was experiencing a one-sided break up that I definitely had not agreed upon.

So, recently, I have been glued to the telenovela-like, Days of Our Lives Korean drama series where anything is possible and the sky is the limit.

I just thought it was a repercussion of the transition from being a young frothy woman in my 20s to the maturing ah-joom-ma (Korean word for older lady) stage of my 30s.

If you guys have never heard about it before, Penthouse, was only the greatest Korean drama series created during the pandemic and kept an audience like myself, entertained for a whole 3 seasons. With lots of deaths and resurrections and betrayal with inner circle murder mysteries, it was just all so great.

Penthouse, Korean Drama, SBS

So great that one of the main actress leads won SBS Best Actress Award in 2021.

Unfortunately, I was forced to move on. But lately, I have stumbled across a series called Love, Marriage, Divorce.

After having it being recommended to me a few times from friends, I finally gave in and binged a whole 22 hours during the 48 hours of my days off.

And, I have been fortunate to have found a series that now is airing its third season.

Well, so it all makes sense.

The reason why I feel like I could understand a mid-40s male’s mindset of potentially exploring different romantic options aside from his home, though I strongly do not condone that sort of behavior.

The reason why I could feel the sadness and sorrow of mid-40s actress who experiences the betrayal of her husband of 30 years.

The reason why the mid-30s male cannot find himself to settle down with his aggressive ambitions and wide array of women.

The reason why the kids in their 20s are emotionally torn between hating their betraying but loving father and wanting their mom to re-marry a beautifully but awkward male who had a secret crush on her since 5th grade.

This is all thanks to my special personality that I happen to fit into.

And my odd and deep ability to empathize with people despite what they are going through.

Oh, all of this is definitely wild for me too.

Wow. Photo by cottonbro from Pexels



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